dimanche, novembre 26, 2006

Hi there!

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Loyglo a dit...

If you can't read it on blog!

Let me explain the meaning of Loyglo. Lolo in french is the same things that seno in spanish, you see! My initials are in the middle, a cosy place. That's all. Loyglo is too, the name of a compagny I create to take care of «The war of the Words!», my product. IT's a game! A funny and brillant game! I have began to explain it on my blog. I have made the french version with Napoléon and the english version with Georges Washington. It took me a lot of work and time to finalize my product. If the aventure interest you just tell me. I'm looking for business partnership or buyers.

Loyglo-follies blog is not only about that! It's a blog about all things interest me. Following my foolish ideas make me write, paint, compose, create, and make a blog too. I read yours and work to upgrade mine, make an interesting one. I use helpblogger but blogexplosion refused me, they take only english... Too bad my blog speak in both language, french and english... Anyway, only learning Blogger is a funny trip!

Bye everybody! Hope read you!